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  1. Scream 3
    Scream honors SCARY FILMS
    Hit the screen in 2000
    Neve Campbell plays Sidney and starred on which family drama? PARTY OF FIVE
    Ghostface wears a MASK
    There is an 11 year gap between scream 3 and 4
    Wes Craven….. created which other franchise? A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET
    The film opens up with which major character? COTTON WEARY
    What was the name of Cotton Weary’s radio show? 100% COTTON
    Which 2 screen actors ended up tying the knot? COURTNEY COX AND DAVID ARQUETTE
    Who killed Cotton Weary? GHOSTFACE
    Kevin Williamson who wrote 1 & 2 also wrote Scream 3. FALSE
    Dewey works as a consultant for which movie? STAB 3
    Which network is behind the scream series? MTV
    Cotton lived in HOLLYWOOD
    Is scream 3 the highest grossing in the series? NO
    Who plays Stab3 star Sarah Darling? JENNY MCCARTHY
    Who was once wrongly convicted for having killed Sidney’s mother? COTTON
    After all the murders in the second film, Sidney went into hiding. What was she doing? SHE WAS A CRISIS COUNSELOR
    Steven Stone is offed by Ghostface. Who is he? JENNIFER JOLIE’S BODYGUARD
    Where does Sidney travel to after Ghostface finds her? HOLLYWOOD
    Who is Martha? RANDY MEEK’S SISTER
    Which original scream character is only shown through archival footage in Scream 3? RANDY
    Who is director of Stab 3? ROMAN BRIDGER
    Earlier in the film the crew celebrated Roger’s birthday. TRUE
    Heather Matarazzo has made a name for herself in which ’90 indie fil? DOLLHOUSE
    Patrick Dempsey and Neve also shared the small screen on which ABC series? GREY’S ANATOMY
    How many different endings did Wes Craven shoot? 3
    One of the rules that Randy tells his friends is that anyone can die – even the MAIN CHARACTER
    Vigglers, is this Scott Foley’s first film? YES
    How many gallons of fake blood did scream 3 crew use? 10 GALLONS
    Who is sidney’s half brother? ROMAN BRIDGER?