Friday, October 4, 2013

Viggle Live Trivia Answers for The Breakfast Club +320

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Viggle Live Trivia Answers for "The Breakfast Club" on ABC Family Channel airing Friday, Oct. 4, 2013 @ 7pm (VL starts at 4pm PST and repeats)
  1. Judd Nelson famously played Bender in the movie. In the 1990’s, he was a regular on Suddenly Susan, which starred Brooke Shields.
  2. John Hughes wrote "The Breakfast Club". He also wrote a movie about a dog named Beethoven.
  3. Which John Hughes' film did Molly Ringwald NOT appear in? Home Alone
  4. After Ally Sheedy played Allison, she starred in a film about a smart robot called Short Circuit.
  5. Which subject was Brian failing? Shop.
  6. The actors in "The Breakfast Club" were nicknamed the Brat pack.
  7. Emilio Estevez played Andy in "The Breakfast Club". Who is his famous brother? Charlie Sheen.
  8. Claire got detention because she ditched class to go Shopping.
  9. After Emilio Estevez played Andy, he was Coach Gordon Bombay in the movie The Mighty Ducks.
  10. Andy was on the Wrestling team.
  11. After Anthony Michael Hall played Brian, he became the youngest-ever cast member on Saturday Night Live.

  12. Earlier in the movie, Allison said she would write with her Toes.
  13. Carl told Principal Vernon he wanted to be John Lennon when he grew up.
  14. Earlier in the movie, Claire asked Andy if he would drive to school in his birthday suit for a Million Bucks.
  15. Before Molly Ringwald played Claire, she appeared on The Facts Of Life.
  16. What year did "The Breakfast Club" come out? 1985.
  17. Who bites their nails very, very loudly? Allison.
  18. John Hughes defined the '80s. In addition to directing "The Breakfast Club", he also created Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  19. After Paul Gleason played Principal Vernon, he co-starred with Bruce Willis in "Die Hard".
  20. What did Allison do to get detention? Nothing.
  21. Who dropped Andy off at school? His Father.

  22. Earlier in the movie, Claire helped Allison put on Makeup.
  23. What did Claire bring for lunch? Sushi
  24. Who stole Brian’s wallet? Allison.
  25. What nickname did Bender frequently call Andy? Sporto.
  26. Who said they were the eyes and ears of the institution? Carl.
  27. "The Breakfast Club" opens with a quote from David Bowie
  28. The gang attends Shermer High.
  29. Earlier in the movie, Mr. Vernon told the kids to create a Essay during detention.
  30. Complete the Mr. Vernon quote: "Don't mess with the bull, young man. You’ll get the Horns.”
  31. Earlier in the movie, Brian said he belonged to the Physics club.
  32. Who ended up writing the essay for "The Breakfast Club"? Brian.

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The Brat Pack in "The Breakfast Club"

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